Wednesday, January 30, 2008

why Ora must go

This blog is created to inform the public of what Ora and its supporters truly represent and why one should stay clear of utilizing its services or supporting its cause. Essentially, this organization which incidentally does not post a valid address other than a po box,is bent on staying elusive since its activities involve intimidation and harrassment techniques against its victims. This author will also remain anonymous for the obvious reason that he wants to avoid unnecessary intimidation from a gang of thugs whose only purpose is to destroy a persons life, and not have anyone expose its true character. As time evolves you will see various examples of Ora's tactics against some innocent people. Let me begin by giving you an easy reference/link to obtain detailed information about Ora and its officers/gangsters. You can visit also see about corruptive activities that ORA and its affiliated rabbis are committing.


(**Disclaimer** this document was taken from illinois website on 09/09, user should check at state sex predator listing site if still current)

This organization was founded by Herschel Shachter from Yeshiva University with its leading intimidator/gangster being JEREMY STERN,

&Josh Ross aka Yehoshua Ross aka Yehoshua Zev.Other members include Michael Kaplan. Its purpose is to intimidate men and coerce them to giva a GET which is against Halacha, without giving them any Halachic rights to their "Halachic due process". Although this author recognizes that there are true recalcitrant husbands who refuse to ever give a GET; Ora has not shown any regard in diffrentiating between the innocent and the guilty,but rather lumped ALL MEN into one category: ALL GUILTY. Herschel Schlechter is a sinner for rubberstamping his approval for all of Ora's activities without first verifying the facts of the case.He has been called on many occasions, and sent proof on several cases where the man was innocent, and he chose to ignore them. Here is an example of an innocent man who was targeted:

THIS IS WHY ORA MUST GO!! In fact in the past, Ora has organized several demonstrations against a reputable Talmid Chacham in Brooklyn claiming that he "issues Heter Mea Rabbonim" to men. See this link :

I,ve spoken to several men whove used his services and vehemently denied that this Rabbi has done so. Let it be clear that as time goes on I will demonstrate to you the Rabbinic hipocrisy which exists today. So for example, Rabbi Ralbag from Brooklyn whom Ora supports, himself has issued several "known Heter Mea rabbonim" (see Chaya Sieger case)

for a modest fee of at least $10,000 to upwards of $100,000 in certain cases. Does this not represent a "Double Standard"??? Please see another blog site for more examples of rabbinic corruption Ora has demonstrated that G-D forbid any Rabbi should assist a man in any way,even if he was victimized by his wife, because if any Rabbi dares to stand up for the man,they will "bring out the troops"!!! So to my readers the time has come for the truth to come out and you wait and see how little by little their lie machine will be exposed.